Cenobots 4 in 1 Charge / Work Station for L50

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Item #: CWS
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Cenobots Part Number: CWS

4-in-1 Working and Charging station for L50 

Price: $5,250.00

    Cenobots L50 Charging / Work Station

    For use with the L50 Scrubber and Dryer

      The 4-in-1 working station is equipped with an array of automatic functions that ensure effortless maintenance of the robot. From charging to refilling clean water, draining waste water, and filling detergent, this station has everything covered. Discover hassle-free maintenance like never before with this innovative working station.

      Eliminate the extra time it takes employees to fill, refill, empty, and charge your machines, with the CWS Working station, the L50 Scrubber takes care of it all on its own. 

      *Does NOT Require Ongoing Subscription!*

      Technical Specs:

      Model:  CWS-01

      Key Features:  Auto Power Charging

              Auto Water Refilling

         Auto Waste Water Draining

         Auto Detergent Filling

      Dimensions:  (Main body) 460 x 260 x 860 mm | 18.1  x 10.2 x 33.9 in

      Weight:  45 Kg | 99 lbs

      Input Voltage:  100~240 V a.c

      Max.Power:  Max.1000 W | 1.34 hp

      Output Voltage:  24 V

      Output Current:  30 A

      Ambient Temperature:  0℃~45℃ | 32~113 ℉