Cenobots L50 Robotic Scrubber & Dryer

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Cenobots Part Number: L50

AI-Powered Scrubber-Dryer Robotic cleaning machine

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    Cenobots L50

    AI-Powered Scrubber-Dryer Robot

    Highly Productive, Highly Safety-Conscious, Highly Intelligent

    The biggest advantage to having humans clean your facility is that they can see the areas that need attention. Cenobots bridge the gap between your staff and existing autonomous machines by using cutting-edge Lidar technology, enabling these robots to "see" debris and spills and clean them up immediately.

    With unmatched safety capabilities, the smartest Xavier AI chip intelligence, and fast and efficient cleaning. This Robotic Scrubber/ Dryer increases efficiency, automatically taking in the surrounding environment and changing course to make sure every inch of your facility is going to SHINE.

    Cenobots are incredibly user-friendly requiring nearly zero human involvement after programming, freeing your employees to tackle more pressing tasks. The ease of maintenance is unmatched; machines are made for quick and easy repairs and part replacement, no training necessary! At nearly half the price of its competitors, the L50 boasts a 12-month Return on Investment (ROI), with super savings for years to follow.

    Cenobots are the answer to the challenges regularly faced in cleaning: strict cleanliness requirements are met with ease, environmental and sustainability standards are no longer a problem, lower or eliminate employee turnover, increase productivity even during your busiest hours, and significantly reduce operating costs overall.

    AI-powered cleaning machines are the future of commercial cleaning and the future is here.

    *Does NOT require an ongoing subscription like other autonomous machines!*

    Ideal Industry Usage:

    • Transportation
    • Retail
    • Hospitality
    • Health Care
    • Municipal
    • Education
    • Warehouses/Commercial...

      ...and more

    Advantages of the L50 over other autonomous machines or manual scrubbers:

    • Max. 2570 square meters, or 27663 square feet cleaned per hour - doubling competitors' claims!
    • REAL time 3D mapping
    • 20 inch cleaning width
    • User-friendly mobile app control interface
    • Large 14.5 gallon tank
    • 5 Stage Filtration
    • Max. 6 hours run time - doubling competitors' claims!
    • 150 m, or 492 feet detection range
    • Protruding object and Glass detection standard
    • <5 cm Edge Detection
    • Fast automatic map updating to clean every single inch of your facility
    • 10.1 inch Touch Screen
    • Over-Air real-time updates

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    The ground-breaking L50 comes with a standard portable battery charger. The optional multi-functional L50 Working Station CWS, which can be purchased separately, see more info below.

    Enjoy Hassle-Free Service and Use:

    • Fast deployment with a user-friendly interface
    • Automatic map updating in changing environments
    • Modular-designed hardware for quick and simple replacement of parts
    • 5-Stage filtration effectively recycling water for conservation
    • Automatic detergent mixing eliminates over-concentration or wasteful usage


    Technical Specs:

    Length:  1055mm | 41.5 in

    Width(w/o squeegee):  580mm | 22.8 in

    Height:  1045mm | 41.1 in

    Cleaning Width:  510mm | 20 in

    Squeegee Width:  740mm | 29 in

    Max. Theoretical Productivity:  2570m²/h | 27663 ft²/hr

    Brush Pressure:  25 Kg | 55.1 lbs

      The companion L50Charge Station or CWS, pictured below, is a smart charging and working dock that your machine will return to when the battery needs to be charged. When charging is complete, the machine returns to the last task and continues working seamlessly. The CWS also will refill fluids, empty dirty water tanks, and refill detergent keeping your machine in tip-top shape.

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