NEW!! HEPA Filters for Windsor Sensor Vacuums

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HEPA-Bag Part Number: 5301HEPA
Replace the micro-filter on your Windsor Karcher Sensor vacuum with the new HEPA filter!
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    NEW!! Replacement 5301HEPA Filters for Windsor Karcher Sensor vacuums. Molded for a superior fit over other replacement filters.

    HEPA filtration is the highest level of filtration for your vacuum, providing cleaner air anywhere you use your vacuum at a fraction of the price of other HEPA filters.

    HEPA is designed to filter 99.97% of particulates 0.3 microns or larger. For a frame of reference, human hair is generally 50 microns! The CDC recommends the use of HEPA filtration to protect against illness in hospitals, care facilities, manufacturing, offices, large public spaces, & other gathering places.

    Installing the 5301 HEPA filter is as simple as replacing your regular microfilter.

    Easy removal when it is time to replace!