High Efficiency Filter Bag Kits for Windsor Sensor (10pk)

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HEPA-Bag Part Number: 5300HEPA
All-New High Efficiency replacement filter bags for Windsor Karcher Sensor and Versamatic Plus vacuums. 10pk.
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    All-New High Efficiency 5300 HEPA replacement filter bag for Windsor Karcher Sensor and Versamatic Plus vacuums. The highest performance filter bags money can buy from HEPA-Bag.com, even better than the genuine filter bags. Never forget to replace or reorder micro filters again! This is 10 packs of replacement HEPA vacuum filter bags, includes *micro-filters free!

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    *The newly-designed Micro Filter sleeve allows you to keep your vacuum's plastic filter cage, replacing only the vital filter media. This saves space in shipment, produces less plastic waste, and saves money all-around! This is the most common sense filter and bag system available for Windsor Karcher Sensor vacuums on the market.

    Replaces-Genuine 5300  / 8.600-050.0  /  86000500   /  5300REP   /   5300 REP

    WHY do you change your filters? The filters can either help or hinder the air flow in your vacuum, and air flow directly affects the suction of your machine! Changing the micro filter every TEN bag changes will keep your vacuum functioning at its best. Clean, fresh filters will keep your vacuum from smelling bad, and also act as another air filter for the space you are vacuuming.

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