Karcher T 7/1 Canister Vacuum

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Karcher Part Number: 1.527-196.0
**Last Chance! Discontinued Machine**
The Karcher T 7/1 is a functional and powerful dry canister vacuum cleaner for professional use with a compact construction.
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    Karcher T 7/1 Canister Vacuum

    **replaces the Windsor Trek Vac 2**

    The T 7/1 is a supremely robust, functional, and powerful dry canister vacuum cleaner for professional users. Made with optimal ergonomic properties and a compact construction.

    Small, maneuverable vacuum is a great tool for daily maintenance and cleaning. Save space and time without sacrificing power!

    The T 7/1 is the perfect vacuum for cleaning messes quickly and easily. This canister vacuum is lightweight and portable, allowing you to clean in no time and restore your facility to its clean, professional appearance. With a weight under 12 pounds, the T 7/1 canister vacuum is easy to tow behind the operator and is the perfect solution for any small dry dirt messes. The large foot switch allows the user to turn the machine on or off without hassle. The curved hand grip is ergonomically shaped and has built in adjustable suction power permitting fatigue-free working.  The T 7/1 comes with a standard fleece filter bag. This filter bag holds up to three times as much dust as conventional paper filter bags. A six-stage filter system ensures incredible retention performance. Each unit comes equipped with a motor protection filters as well as exhaust filter, in addition to the three-ply fleece filter bag. The permanent main filter is made of washable nylon so the machine can even be operated without a dust bag so there is no lapse in productivity if a bag is not available.


    • Ergonomic handle designed to prevent user fatigue, even during long operating intervals.
    • Machine base has a built in handle on the machine base enabling easy and comfortable transport up or down stairs, to new locations, etc.
    • Extremely low total weight of 11.5 pounds due to compact design.
    • Double steering Trek wheels offer superior tracking performance.


    • Easy quick change high-quality floor tool for use on either carpet or hard floor surfaces.
    • Extremely tough, impact-resistant container with all-around bumper protects walls, furniture, and the machine.
    • On-board storage for accessories makes them easily accessible.


    • Permanent main filter made of washable nylon provides optimal dust filtration.
    • Large, rugged foot-operated switch provides greater operator comfort in turning the machine on and off without the need to stop.

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