Karcher T 12/1 Canister Vacuum

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Karcher Part Number: 1.355-127.0
**Last Chance - Discontinued Machine**
The Kärcher T 12/1 is an efficient and quiet vacuum cleaner perfect for even daytime cleaning in many applications.
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    Karcher T 12/1 Canister Vacuum (Formerly the Trek Vac 3)

    The Karcher T 12/1 is an efficient and quiet vacuum cleaner perfect for hotels, contract cleaners, restaurants, shops, offices, hospitals and private households, and more.

    Small, maneuverable vacuum for daily maintenance and cleaning. Save space and time without sacrificing power!

    The T 12/1 comes standard 3x higher filter volume than a machine with a paper filter bag because of the innovative fleece filter bag.  The filter bag adds another benefit when working through longer operation sessions: the machine virtually pays for itself by also offering longer periods between bag changes.  Motor performance, air flow and the 6-stage filter system (with optional microfilter) have been designed to prevent loss of suction power. The low center of gravity design provides stability as it follows the user. The T 12/1 has cable storage built in, or as an added alternative, can be stored on a pull-out cable hook for convenience when the user is moving from room to room frequently. To prevent the hose from being detached while the machine is being pulled behind the user, the suction hose on the unit has a simple but effective plug-in clip system. The new clip system also allows for an easy extension of the suction hose which makes cleaning stairways and steps much easier. A powered brush head attachment converts the unit to a brush-type vacuum cleaner. In cases where needed, or the hygienic standards are stringent, a HEPA filter can be used with the paper filter bag.


    • Ergonomically designed handle provides fatigue-free operation, even over longer operating intervals.
    • Handle on the machine base enables simple and comfortable transport to new locations, up and down stairs, etc.
    • Robust wheels provide superior tracking performance.
    • Infinite variables for suction control


    • High-quality triple action floor tool quickly changes for use on either carpet or hard floor surfaces.
    • Extremely tough, impact-resistant container with all-around bumper protects the machine and furniture.
    • Accessories can be stored on-board for easy access.
    • Simple detachable turbine head with large container closures enables easy filter bag change

    Quiet Operation:

    • Quietest Vacuum cleaner on its class.
    • Whisper-quiet for operation during normal business hours


    • Permanent main filter made of washable nylon provides optimal dust filtration.
    • Large, rugged foot-operated switch turns the machine on and off without having to stop, for greater operator comfort.

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