*DEMO* Karcher PS 4/7 Bp OBC Mister

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Karcher Part Number: 1.007-084.0



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    Misting technology provides the broadest range of applications for disinfection. The new Karcher PS 4/7 Bp OBC Mister provides proper surface coverage for the recommended dwell time of disinfecting chemical - no adjustments needed. This hospital-grade misting system is specifically designed for use with Vital Oxide® disinfectant. Reduce the risks of Health Care Acquired Infections by killing virus, bacteria and mold faster, safely and effectively.

    Next Level Clean:

    • Misting provides higher efficacy by improving coverage more efficiently and effectively than spray wipe methods and wipes. It delivers disinfectant into the numerous hard to reach corners and crevices in every facility that wipe methods can't reach.

    Safe and Easy Operation:

    • The Karcher PS 4/7 Bp mister's ergonomic design and simple controls reduce operator fatigue and cleaning errors. The result is a complete and consistent coverage of Vital Oxide. Vital Oxide carries the safest EPA toxicity rating (4) and requires no PPE. HMIS is 0 in all quadrants.

    Convenient & Whisper Quiet:

    • Use the Karcher mister anywhere, anytime. The efficient pump and power supply are specifically designed to provide operation without disturbing people around you. The no fragrance formula of Vital Oxide is virtually undetectable even when spraying large areas.

    OnBoard Charging:

    • 5 Hour Full Recharge

    Complete Non-Rinse Disinfection System:

    • The Karcher PS 4/7 Bp mister provides precise coverage and consistency of Vital Oxide - no adjustments needed.

    Ideal for High Risk Areas:

    • Hospitals and clinics
    • Nursing homes
    • Schools
    • Day care facilities
    • Transportation