Karcher KIRA B 50 Autonomous Robotic Scrubber

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Karcher Part Number: 15330020

The KIRA B 50 autonomous floor scrubber is a great cleaning solution for medium to large areas. This efficient and time-saving robotic scrubber is fully automated. 

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    The Kärcher KIRA B 50 is fully automated and well-thought-out from start to finish

    Once KIRA B 50 starts a routine, it will completely clean that area independently. The optional docking station can help take that independence to a whole new level. Employing the Kira B 50 will relieve pressure on your cleaning team, who can instead focus on higher-value tasks. Intuitive user guidance with a large touch display allows the robot to be set up quickly, without the need for any expert knowledge. The optional docking station facilitates fully autonomous working, including filling with fresh water, emptying dirty water, rinsing the tank, and charging the long-lasting lithium iron phosphate battery. One roller brush head pre-sweeps and scrubs in a single work step, while the integrated side brush eliminates the need for manual edge cleaning. High-performance sensors and software ensure navigation is reliable, collisions are safely prevented and obstacles are avoided. For documentation and monitoring, the KIRA B 50 sends status messages to mobile devices and creates detailed cleaning reports in the corresponding web portal. 

    KIRA B 50 working in traffic


    1. Reduced Manual Labor- Cleaning staff no longer have to perform monotonous tasks, instead, they can focus on more skilled work.

    2. Cost-effectiveness- The ability to perform simultaneous cleaning tasks saves time and increases productivity.

    3. Operation- Intuitive operation thanks to a large touch display, simple maintenance, and servicing.

    4. Safety- Safety certified for work in all public areas thanks to incredible environmental recognition software. Features both autonomous as well as manual modes of operation.

    5. Autonomy- Optional Docking Station available to facilitate fully autonomous resource exchanges.

    Time-tested cylindrical brush technology, pre-sweeping function for coarse soil, and a side brush for cleaning edges ensure excellent cleaning results reduce the need for prep work, and help keep the need for follow-up work to a minimum. As a result, the only human intervention that is required, apart from maintenance, is refilling the fresh water, cleaning the dirty water tank, and, of course, also making sure that the battery is charged.

    KIRA B 50 Docking Station

    The docking station removes the need for human interaction for all resource exchanges. This will help the scrubber become a fully autonomous cleaning machine. 

    All that is needed are a fresh water supply, access to power as well as an approved drain or sanitary system, ideally at floor level. KIRA B 50 docks at the docking station as needed, and everything else happens automatically – from refilling the fresh water tank to emptying and rinsing the dirty water tank and charging the lithium-ion battery. 

    Multiple docking stations can be used to minimize travel time to resource exchange sites and further improve overall efficiency. Everything works in a user-friendly manner.

      Technical Data: 

      Battery(V/Ah) - 24/160
      Battery Runtime (hours) - 3.5
      Maximum Speed, autonomous - 2.7
      Max. area performance (ft²/h) - 25.450
      Length x Width x Height - 42 x 30 x 46
      Weight without water (lbs) - 502
      Climbing Ability, autonomous - 6%
      Min. clearance width (in) - 39.5
      KIRA B50 cleaning around objects
      KIRA B50 cleaning large space

      Standard included accessories:

      • Side Broom (40420480)
      • Red Brush (40351840)
      • Oil-resistant squeegee blades (62730270)
      • Oil-resistant side blades (40371670)

      Optional Accessories:

      White brush (47624090)

      Orange brush, hi/lo (47624100)

      Green brush, aggressive (47624110)

      Aluminum roller shaft (47624150)

      Microfiber sleeve (41140100)

      Linatex squeegee blades (40431960)

      Linatex side blades (40371660)

      Add on kit blue spotlight (40421290)

      Detergent tank (40420500)

      Docking station (20420000)