Karcher FC 5 Hard Floor Cleaner

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Karcher Part Number: 1.055-507.0
Cleaning your floors has never been quicker or easier! The award-winning FC5 deep cleans hard floors right up to edges for a spotless finish. Floors dry in two minutes or less.
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    Karcher FC 5 Hard Floor Cleaner in use

    Karcher's award-winning FC5 vacuums and mops at the same time, leaving your floors spotless with minimal effort. Part 10555070

    Karcher FC 5

    The Floor Cleaner FC 5's two-in-one function lets you mop and suction wet and dry dirt in just one step. No need to vacuum beforehand - mopping has never been easier, faster or more thorough. The automatically moistened, rotating microfiber rollers pick dirt up, while the water-dirt mixture is continuously suctioned off the rollers at the same time. This practical self-cleaning function keeps the rollers fresh and ready to use at all times in comparison with conventional methods like mopping, the FC 5 uses up to 85% less water while providing significantly better cleaning performance. The FC 5 can be used on all standard hard floors, whether they are made of wood, stone or plastic. It can also be used to easily apply a thin layer of polish that dries quickly, leaving your floors shining and freshly cleaned.

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    Features & Benefits

    2-in-1 function
    • Vacuum and mop in one easy step
    Self-cleaning function
    • No need to interrupt your work. The FC5 automatically removes dirt, liquids and debris from the rollers.
    • Floors dry in less than 2 minutes thanks to the minimal amount of water or cleaning fluid left behind.
    High quality microfiber rollers
    • The rollers can be quickly and easily attached or removed.
    • Machine washable up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.
    Innovative drive concept
    • The forward rotating rollers help to propel the FC5 across the floor, you only need to guide it.
    Cleaning head with a flexible hinge
    • Easy to clean under furniture.
    • Easy to navigate around objects.
    • Cleans right up to the edge for excellent results in corners and on edges.
    Easy-to-remove two tank system
    • The clean water tank can be easily filled from a faucet.
    • The dirty water tank can be emptied without coming into contact with the dirty water or cleaning solution.
    Includes storage station
    • The storage station is perfect for cleaning dirty rollers.
    • A convenient and space-saving to store the FC5 when not in use.

    Technical data

    Roller speed (rpm) 500
    Power (W) max. 460
    Power supply (Ph/V/Hz) 1 / 120 / 60
    Tank capacity fresh water (ml) 400
    Tank capacity dirt water (ml) 200
    Cleaning station volume (ml) 200
    Cleaning performance when filled with clean water/detergent (approx.) (m²) 60
    Drying time of cleaned floor (min.) 2
    Roller working width (mm) 300
    Weight (kg) 4.6
    Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 320 x 270 x 1220


    • 2-tank system
    • Cleaning rollers, yellow
    • RM 536 universal floor cleaner, 30 ml
    • RM 535 floor care for oiled/waxed wood, 30 ml
    • RM 537 stone floor cleaner, 30 ml
    • RM 534 sealed wood floor cleaner, 30 ml
    • Includes storage station