Karcher BVL 5/1 BP Ultra-Lightweight Backpack Vacuum

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Item #: 13942720
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Karcher Part Number: 13942720

At nearly half the weight of it's predecessor, the BV 5/1 BP is the newest frontrunner in backpack vacuums.

Price: $1,495.00

    Karcher BVL 5/1 BP Ultra-Lightweight Backpack Vacuum

    The ALL NEW, ultra-light, powerful battery-powered backpack vacuum, BVL 5/1 Bp, is the first backpack vacuum to deliver superior cleaning results, but also be ultra-lightweight for ease of use. With a carrying weight of just under 10 lbs, the BVL makes cleaning anywhere a breeze, thanks to the newly innovative expanded polypropylene material.

    Whether in a plane, a theater, a bus, train, or flight of stairs, the powerful backpack vacuum cleaner with a container capacity of 1.32 gallons makes full use of its advantages for cleaning tasks in the smallest and narrowest of spaces.

    The BVL boasts an incredible battery life, lasting up to 60 minutes on a single charge. Additional batteries can be purchased for non-stop cleaning. 

    • Cord free for ease in mobility and flexibility, as well as enhanced safety for the user
    • Comfortable carrying harness for longer work periods
    • Easily accessible control panel on the waist strap
    • Easy swap batteries for nearly continuous run time
    • Especially robust and long lasting body materials and design
    • Extremely lightweight at nearly half the weight of industry competitors

    Because the 24450750 battery is used on other machines, (see the Karcher CVS 65/1 Sweeper/Vacuum) having a few on hand makes the investment a no brainer.

    also part # 89316050

    Karcher BVL 5/1 BP Ultra-Lightweight Backpack Vacuum

    Technical data

    Battery platform

    36 V battery platform
    Sound pressure level (dB(A))

    Vacuum (mbar/kPa)

    223 / 22.3
    Battery type

    Removable lithium-ion battery
    Voltage (V)

    Capacity (Ah)

    Number of batteries required (Piece(s))

    Performance per battery charge (m²)

    approx. 150 (6.0 Ah) / approx. 200 (7.5 Ah)
    Runtime per battery charging (/min)

    eco!efficiency mode: / max. 50 (6.0 Ah)  Power mode: / max. 22 (6.0 Ah)
    eco!efficiency mode: / max. 64 (7.5 Ah)  Power mode: / max. 30 (7.5 Ah)
    Battery charging time (min)

    44 / 68
    Charging current (A)

    Power supply for battery charger (V/Hz)

    100 - 240 / 50 - 60
    Weight without accessories (lb)

    Ship Weight (with accessories) (lb)

    Weight incl. packaging (lb)

    Dimensions (L x W x H) (in)

    8.7 x 12.6 x 20.1

    Attachments & Accessories:

    28891480 - Anti-static bend

    28891290 - 11-inch floor tool

    28891300 - Crevice tool

    69059980 - Upholstery tool

    28620080 - Telescopic tube

    69043350 - Fleece filter bag

    24450530 - Quick charger

    24450750 - 36V lithium-ion battery

    28893420 - HEPA filter

    1471383500 - Quick Glide Floor tool

    product #13942720