Karcher Air Blower (AB 84)

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Karcher Part Number: 1.004-053.0
The Karcher AB 84 air blower is a powerful mobile dehydration machine made for use after spray extraction cleaning. With its ergonomic handle and wheels, it is easily transportable. The powerful air blower ensures a fast dehydration time, and is useful in cleaning up water damage in buildings.
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    Windsor Air Blower (Karcher AB 84 Air Blower)

    The AB 84 air blower is a powerful mobile dehydration machine that features impact-proof plastic housing with integrated power cord storage and includes an ergonomic foldable upright handle and large transport wheels. Designed with a powerful radial fan for fast dehydration, and aerodynamic molded housing. Can be operated at three different speeds. A built-in carpet clip makes cleaning loosely laid carpets a breeze. The AB 84 reduces drying time considerably.


    Folding Handle

    • Wheels and push handle make this air blower easy to transport.
    • The AB 84 air blower shortens the drying time of spray-extracted or shampooed carpets by up to 40%.

    Technical Data

    Speed levels 3
    Air flow rate (level 1 / 2 / 3) (m³/min) 56 / 70 / 84
    Motor rating (level 1 / 2 / 3) (rpm) 1050 / 1350 / 1600
    Amps (W) max. 700
    Length of cord access. (m) 10
    Weight (kg) 17.6
    Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 640 x 400 x 950


    • Safety class, II
    • Robust plastic housing
    • Handle, Folding
    • Chassis
    • Ergonomic carrying handle
    • Integrated power cable reception
    • Carpet holding clip