Bowl & Basin Cleaner 5 gallon

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Hardcore Labs Part Number: BBC0640

Hardcore Ready to Use Bowl & Basin Cleaner 5 gallon

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    Bowl & Basin Cleaner 5 gallon

    • RTU (Ready to Use)
      • Safe, Effective, Non-Fuming
      • Powerful, Clinging, Stain Removing Formula

      We've all been there- holding your breath while using a bowl cleaner. Harsh acids can be effective as bowl cleaners and at removing scale. However, the side effects of burning eyes, irritating airways, and skin are hardly a good trade-off. Hardcore is different! This cutting-edge cleaner leaves out the danger and harmful drawbacks of traditional acid bowl cleaners but is just as effective. Non-acid bowl cleaners (NAC) have long been a safer alternative to acid cleaners, but they have not been as effective historically and have had a reputation of being useless against scale and hard water stains. Hardcore Bowl & Basin Cleaner's formulation utilizes Hardcore's revolutionary acid replacement technology and proprietary surfactant blend to give you the best bowl cleaner available.

      Hardcore Bowl & Basin Cleaner works quickly to dissolve stubborn stains in urinals, toilet bowls, washbasins, sinks, and most other ceramic, porcelain, plastic, metal, and glass surfaces. This powerful bowl cleaner leaves restrooms sparkly clean and smelling fresh. Hardcore is a much safer option than chemicals, chlorine bleach, or hydrochloric acid. Hardcore Bowl & Basin Cleaner is safer for the environment, for you, and for your facilities.

      *Hardcore does not react with other cleaners & its proprietary acid replacements.*